Ramblings Late At Night: Water

Tonight it stormed. Tornado Warnings. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings. The wind was high, the lightning sharp, the thunder boisterous. My heart raced as my childhood fears surfaced. But as I’ve grown older and more mature in Christ I have come to appreciate the thing I once feared. Through the rain, wind, lightning, and thunder I saw God’s glory and magnificence. Tonight I drew back the blinds and opened the screen door to watch storm display God’s glory. I used to hunker down under my covers and turn the TV up to drown out the wind. I now sit in my living room cuddled up listening to the sound of misting rain and light traffic. I have learned to appreciate the chaos of the storm, which in turn allows me to better appreciate the calm after the storm.

Rain has always fascinated me, it is one of my favorite things in life. As a child I would watch the rain from my bedroom window and imagine the ocean, a storm, a ship, a lighthouse. A story would play out in my mind as the rain hit the window. I would imagine being a raindrop falling into a great river, I would travel to the sea and begin a grand adventure.
When I learned about the water cycle I was amazed that rain in front of me had ultimately been recycled throughout time and the world. I would catch rain in my hand and wonder where had been. I wondered what would it speak of if it could talk.

To me water is pure, redeeming, mystic. This may seem silly but one of the things I most thankful for is water, a great downpour, a glassy lake, and now a raging storm. I’m thankful for water’s support for life on earth but also for its beauty. We are created by the same God who made something as beautiful and mesmerizing yet so detrimental to life as water. The God who efficiently and masterfully created water took the time to think of and actually create us with care.

Tonight I thank God for the storm, the calm, the beauty, and the efficiency of life!

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